4Art Exhibition at Tonbridge Castle 14-19 November 2017

4Art are holding their annual exhibition at Tonbridge Castle from 14-19 October 2017. Free admission and open each day from 10am-4pm (Sunday 10.30am-4pm). It will be the usual eclectic mix of contemporary paintings, drawings, sculptures and prints. Always something different from the 4Art group – Margaret Barrett, Marilyn Garwood, Jill Goldsworthy and Sue Vass. Do pop in and say hello!


Chain reaction: 4art and Roundel exhibition and publication

The Poetry Shed


This is what happens when two art forms confront each other, respond and react – words become colour, colour becomes sound, sound becomes image.


This ekphrastic collection fuses linguistic force with striking artwork; it’s like clambering into a painting and hearing its voice startle for the very first time.

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Chain reaction

Chain Reaction blog cover_MG_6436 IMG_1501BK IMG_6303 IMG_6314 Chain reaction was the title of an exhibition held at Tonbridge Castle in November 2014. 4art met with local poetry group Roundel which culminated in this creative venture.Artists and poets took inspiration from each other’s creative output. An exciting venture which produced a fascinating exhibition of art and poetry. A book of the work in the exhibition is now published, price £8. Artists who make up 4art: Margaret Barrett, Marilyn Garwood, Jill Goldsworthy and Sue Vass.